Epoxy Paint Manufacturer
Epoxy Paint Manufacturer

Epoxy Paint Manufacturer

We are widely known as a superior manufacturer and supplier of Epoxy Paint. Epoxy is polymer materials that begin as liquids and are chemically changed into a solid. This kind of paints is available in two different types – single component and two component epoxy. Where single component epoxy is oil based paint and two component epoxy is widely used in industrial floors due to its hardness.

This waterproof paint act as both filler and a coating, so it is always in demand by the market. It is renowned as low cost paint which applied for long life. It also can be applied to rough and uneven surface fairly easily.

Epoxy paint is applicable in different places such as –

  • Home and commercial building
  • Factories and Grocery stores
  • Flooring in Garages & Warehousing facilities
  • Paint for concrete flooring & high traffic areas
  • Industrial and automotive applications

Features :

  • Waterproof and resistant to rust
  • Acid, chemical and heat resistance
  • Very hard after dried
  • Applied for long life